Celebrities Slam Joro Olumofin : Having Sex 16 Times In A Week It’s Unrealistic And Stupid


A go across portion of Nigerian celebrities have ongoing to reply to the trending dubious document manufactured by Joro Olumofin, a common relationship coach.

Nigerian Celebrities Slam Joro Olumofin

In their post named Letter to Husbands, the unmarried connection consultant advises men to obtain gender using their spouses 16 times every week and engage in oral sex 5 times per week. He asserted that husbands need to give their spouses N100,000 Every week, introducing that she deserves it no matter if she has a task or otherwise.

Some Nigerian celebs who read the controversial article have been real adequate to acknowledge that Joro has been unlikely.

Nigerian celebrities slams Joro Olumofin over unreal sex statement

Discussing about them make a difference, well-liked artist Adokiye said lovemaking ought to be some thing married couples get pleasure from to accomplish instead of participate in it as they are compelled to do it and begin keeping track of the number of periods they may have gender.

Adokiye stated: “Folks are hectic with many other things; lovemaking must be what husband and wife get pleasure from anytime they think, certainly not anything to become taking numbers on.”

“As for husbands supplying their wives N100,000 weekly, what could the better half do with N100,000 regular? When will she begin saving for future years in the household and also the youngsters? When the husband is prosperous, then that quantity could be excused.”

“Sex and lovemaking get the marriage proceeding.So couples are always encouraged to possess time on their own. Lovers indulging in dental sexual intercourse does not appear sensible for me as soon as the genitals is there to slip into.”

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Nollywood actress and sex specialist, Seyi Hunter condemned Joro for creating this sort of impractical statement. She additional that If any few efforts that, the sperm will stop coming out for some time.

Listen to her:”I truly don’t agree with Joro across the issue of hitched men sleeping making use of their wives 16 occasions a week. We are all aware It can be Extremely hard. As being a sex therapist, I’m going to categorically state that eventually the semen may even stop coming out. It will look like drinking water color instead of the abundant creamy shade we all appreciate.

“No person will endeavor it and I am confident there is no female that may continue to keep her genitals right down to be hammered 16 instances a week.”

“For the mouth gender aspect, you are able to give that as many times as you can, doing it half a dozen instances per week is impossible for the married girl with youngsters. The reality is that you don’t feel horny each and every time. Sometimes a couple of days will pass so you will not want hands on you, to never discuss of someone’s tongue doing magic in your clitoris.”

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“I go along with what he said about supplying your partner N100,000 weekly. This is possible if the man is very unique. They can even give her far more, buy her gift ideas weekly and take her for store shopping monthly. I will recommend each and every husband and wife to obtain insane sexual intercourse once in a while. Exterior routines also assist to enhance your sex-life.I would recommend backyard routines which will enhance your sexual relationship.”

Wonderful filmmaker and actress, Seun Omojola said sex is an important part of marital life, but indulging within it 16 times in one week will not be realistic. She frowned at placing a timespan on gender.

In her phrases:”Sex is an element of matrimony but the 16 times is exactly what I never understand. Why placed an occasion-span on it? And if you want to place time why must it be as much as 16 occasions? That’s gender slavery. That may work When the partners are hooked on gender, I can’t do this. Only Joro know what he’s declaring . Every woman will enjoy the N100,000 weekly allowance task, given that he or she is not working with it in order to make amends for the sex”.

Nigerian stars said it’s not possible have sex 16 times in a week for a man

Ayeesha, a publisher and sociable commentator asserted that no guy will give sex for the number of times. Notice her: “It’s not actually realistic.That’s the initial thing.What person having to manage targeted traffic, the economy, a job, and family members lifestyle is able to afford sex that quantity of instances?”

“What female has very much time?Offering your wife N100,000 weekly is foolish and improbable.That is somebody’s wage. Just how many individuals may also afford N100,000 a month for their entire families?” she queried.

Outspoken celebrity, Tonia Ferrari stated it is simply jobless partners that can try to have sex 16 periods per week.

“It’s impractical, whether or not the lovers are jobless. Sex functions when they have the intimate urge. They cannot be horny each and every time. It is just a ritualistic that can afford to pay for N100,000 each week. Is Joro a ritualistic? I believe he is just becoming hilarious” the voluptuous actress explained.

Skilled Yoruba actress cum manufacturer, Bimpe Akintunde popularly known as Omotodun, stated she likes like to sexual activity and may take pleasure in If she could obtain that money from her husband per week.

In their words and phrases: “Personally, I like money to sexual activity.I am going to enjoy generally if I’ll get that type of income from my hubby per week. Oral sex should be once in a light blue moon for partners. I could not handle making love 16 times in a week” she explained.


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