Actress Shirley Ofou : She Denies Sex For Getting Role


Nigerian actress Shirley Ofou, talk about sex scene in Nollywood Movies is now convincing compared with the days of yore.

Nigerian actress Shirley Ofou sex scene

About sex for offering role the actress said:

” I have already been asked, however I turned it lower. A specific man out there named me and defined to be able to satisfy him up someplace, adding that he missed me. I suggested him, he couldn’t miss me because he never meet me before.”

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” The man call me again, 5 minutes later he inviting me ahead meet him at a place. It was at that moment I knew it was becoming something else. I was not part of the movie and I stopped deciding on his calls.”

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Nigerian actress Shirley Ofou talk about sex scene in Nigerian Movie and Offer sex for get role

About sex scene in Nollywood movie:

Before now, Nollywood sex scenes happen to be not portrayed properly. All you see these times had been actually clothes on towards the floor indicating that sex experienced taken place. Nowadays there’s a little bit of improvement. You’ll really think the actors are having sex for real. We’re attempting, we’ll get there.


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