5 Lesbian Sex Positions To Practice


A few days ago we told you that lesbians have more and better orgasms, we do not tell it lightly because it is proven that among women we understand each other better. Now we want to share some of the positions that are most used in lesbian sex .

Nigerian lesbian girl kissing

You’ll make your girl love you double!

1. Scissors

Although not completely satisfactory, if both know how to do it well they will achieve that they reach the orgasm. This position is that the two open the legs and gather their intimate parts until they rub against each other, can caress the clitoris.

2.  69 sex position

A position also very used and the richest, as they both perform oral sex to each other, while you can caress your buttocks or play with the position of the legs. The 69 is very pleasurable because the two are given pleasure simultaneously.

3. The Face sitting

Here you will have an excellent view of your partner, which translates to sitting on the other’s face and that is exactly what you will do. One of the two will have to be placed in the face of the other, who will begin to do oral sex while you can pet your partner. Anyone who is remembered, can see how her wife enjoys.

4. The mountain

You will have to lie on the bed and open your legs allowing great access to perform oral sex or masturbation with your fingers. Here you can also caress your partner and see how you are enjoying everything you are doing.

5. In four

Yes! Also it is worth that we use this position, in which you will be able to play with your partner and also do her oral sex.


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