Uchenna Stella : I’m Very Good In Bed


Nollywood actress, Uchenna Stella who recently featured in “Wedding Party” cast, has nothing to worry about sex life, as a wife.

actress Uchenna Stella

In an interview with RazzleDazzle, the actress claimed that she is 90% good in bed.

Uchenna Stella claims that she very good in sex

The Actress who was asked to rate herself for sex over a scale of hundred, said;

I could rate myself 90 per cent, I know I’m very good in bed, so my future husband has nothing to worry about it.

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On sex and long distance relationship Uchenna said:

We all know that sex before marriage is very wrong, but in this modern world, most mens will ask you they must have a taste of what they want to buy before purchasing, and I’m like, what are they talking about?

But seriously, it’s not easy to abstain; its take grace and self-control.

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For herself it’s different

As for me, if I have to keep my body for a good man, I’ll because it is something you will have to enjoy for the rest of your life, so it’s worth waiting for. As for long distance relationships, well, for some reason it’s good, that is, if they both understand and trust in God for each other and with constant communication it will go a long way. But if none of these are involved, it’s very likely it won’t work.

Personally, I feel long-term relationship doesn’t determine that the two people are meant for each other; I think it’s a waste of time.

About having a baby

If you can date someone for three to four years, you guys are as good as being a couple, so why date for that long when you can make babies between those periods. At least, give a minimum of six months, maximum of one year and if he or she is not going towards your direction, move on, it’s not worth your time.


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