Silverline Onuoha Can Act Topless But Not Bottomless


Nollywood actress Silverline Onuoha, who make her boobs on selling point. She can act nude and not to shy flaunts her bare boobs but she can’t go naked from waist down.

actress Silverline Onuoha

The small boobs owned Nigerian actress come in limelight after she start talk about her body parts. In her latest interview, she reveals about her acting and sexual harassment in the Nollywood industry.

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Silverline Onuoha butt

About her acting career

As becoming an actress, you ought to be versatile. You do not have to be stereotyped and that is precisely what makes you an celebrity. I can not say this is precisely what I like performing, I really do all types. In most modesty, the tasks I have carried out to date; town lady function, glamorous lady or perhaps the normal each day lady, I do believe I did so them properly. Privately, I’m conscious when I’ve achieved something successfully and anytime I’ve tousled.

Following searching at the established of scripts, you snapshot the kind you’re behaving as well as you place yourself into that character. Allow us say I’m behaving just like a prostitute, I should to have that inventive imagination of the prostitute; the way in which they act, the path they think, the way in which they outfit, you then in form your self into that persona and you’re all established.

Having intimate sex scene in movie

Yes! I have erotic sex scene in movie. I consider the thought of lovemaking and sexual activity extremely private. So, when I’m performing the role, it’s work. You by no means get turned on or obtain a encountering. You’ll get transported aside in the function, nonetheless, you by no means get carried aside within the feeling. Within the perception that, you understand you’re performing a film and you would like to help it become seem genuine. You make-believe to become someone else however, you do not really feel something. After everything, you’re like ‘it’s nice working with you’ and it finishes there. Some individuals might take it elsewhere, but for me, it finishes there.

About sexual harassment in the Nollywood industry

Sexual harassment is just about all over the place, not merely in Nollywood and so i won’t rest for your requirements that I’ve in no way seasoned it, because I have received. There are people that may want to rob you of the position made accessible to you because you did not sleep during the night with them. Some will even sleep together with you but still not supply you using the role. So, it is really left that you can know on your own and know your career. Provided you are able to act properly, your good factor will locate you.

About acting nude in movie

Yes! if they offer right money. For N10 million I may consider showing off my bare boobs. It’s all acting. But from the bottom, No big money in the world can make me do that. My boobs is my selling point.




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