Rihanna Spotted Having Sex With Boyfriend Naked In The Pool (Pics)


The singer could have a new boyfriend and not be precisely Kevint Durant, with whom she was engaged.

Rihanna Spotted Having Sex With Boyfriend

If she believed that there were no paparazzi, she just discovered that not only are there but they are the most persistent and can be anywhere, as near a pool where Rihanna decided to sex with a man who is unknown at the moment his identity.

Rihanna caught having sex with her new boyfriend in the pool

The singer was photographed in concrete in the pool of a luxury villa next to that stranger with whom she was kissing passionately. The images published on last Monday and apparently this man would be the new boyfriend of the artist with which the Barbados would be enjoying their vacation in Europe.

Rihanna Having Sex Naked In The Pool

What is clear is that these snapshots would disprove the latest rumors that Rihanna could have a relationship with NBA player Kevin Durant, who this season has proclaimed himself a champion of that competition with the Golden State Warriors.

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The photos of Rihanna with her new boy have provoked the enthusiasm of social networks, where not only have they become practically ‘viral’ but where the singer’s taste has been applauded with messages like “go girl” or “Go sis” (let’s sister), while others focused on their partner, celebrating the supposed great attraction of the boy chosen for the occasion.

Rihanna caught having sex

The happiness of the followers of Rihanna is only comparable to the reaction of the networks to the photo that Beyoncé used to announce her last pregnancy, and is that it seems that the Internet always rejoices for them.

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With the little swimming pool, for which she did not take too many precautions, it seems that the artist starts very strong in the summer, with a new boy and ready to enjoy at the top of her vacation between gala.


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