Rihanna Boobs Exposed At Revolve Social Club – Struggle Nip Slip


The singer Rihanna has been photographed walking the streets of New York and her gaining weight has sparked a wave of criticism on the Internet .

Rihanna sexy

The one of Barbados appears adorned with jeans and a blue shirt under which it seems to be guessed a rise of weight and the social networks have been pried with her.

Rihanna gaining weight, flaunts bugle boobs

Rihanna bugle boobs

“Rihanna has been eating well,” they wrote on Instagram from The shade room. The answer did not wait and Internet users began to write offensive things about their weight or even to speculate about a possible pregnancy.

From the HollywoodLife, they say that a source close to Barbados has revealed that Rihanna is not pregnant but that her new figure would have a reason to be.

“Rihanna is not pregnant, I’m sorry to disappoint everyone, but no. She has something to tell, but it’s private, ” the source told the news portal.


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