Miley Cyrus: Scary Nightmare Is A Cause Of Quit Smoking Weed


The days of young rebel, after leaving the stage ‘Hannah Montana’, seem to be finished. At least that’s what Miley Cyrus guarantees.

Miley Cyrus quit smoking weed

The singer, who likes to show her body and tongue out, was on Jimmy Fallon’s show and talked about it, because the last time she was there she was “stoned.”

“I was dressed in rabbit and then cat. The reason? I was stoned, ” she recalled.

Miley Cyrus: quit smoking weed cause of scary nightmare

The singer, who is now focused on country music – the same one that left her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, famous – and on the release of her new album ‘Malibu’, stated that she stopped smoking cannabis, so that it would not interfere with the Your creative process.

“I’m in love with what I’m doing with this album more than I’ve been before – I know I always say this, but I loved doing this record.

Right now it’s the most important album I’ve ever done. So I wanted to make sure I was sober and to speak clearly, ” she told The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Miley also told of a nightmare she had in which she died during a monologue on the comedy show “Saturday Night Live” for being very stoned.


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