Nigerian Actress Laide Bakare Tributes Amber Rose Naked Crotches Campaign #bringbackthebush


Popular Nollywood actress Laide Bakare support amber rose naked crotches new campaign #bringbackthebush. She posted a photo on her IG page.

Laide Bakare amber rose bring back the bush

Hmmmmm u people 😊#amberroseslutwalk btw that figure is the target 🎯 yaassss 😀 #sexyisthenewstrong #idontjudgepeople ☝️


Laide Bakare bring back the bush 1

Double tap if u can relate 😊 that simple, #trending 👍 if u see something say something #funtime 😇

Actress Laide Bakare first sex experience wasn’t really nice

I didn’t start having sex at early age. It took me a very long time even though it was something I had always been looking forward to.

I looked up to it almost three years before I eventually had sex. It wasn’t a nice experience with my first boyfriend. We dated for six years and we had sex after four years of our relationship.

I was 18 when I met my first boyfriend. I was still a virgin then, even while in the movie industry for close to three years. I think the first time I had sex I was about 21 years old.

It was what I had been looking forward to, but it wasn’t a nice experience.



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