Flashback! Kate Moss Nude Teenage Photo Resurface Again


British supermodel Kate Moss 1993 semi-naked for Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein) perfume “Obsession” advertising, open the visibility. Turn the British “Daily Mail”.

Kate Moss Naked Teen

19-year-old she shot a series of black and white topless, by the then Italian photographer boyfriend Solandi (Mario Sorrenti) palm mirror, Solanti shot Kate Moss’s delicate and skinny beauty.

Kate Moss shares her old teenage topless photos

Kate Moss in this group of photos in the element into the mirror, handsome and pleasant.

“I have a lot of pictures that I have not seen before, and they are still very insider and feel great,” said Kate.

Kate Moss Nude Teen

One of London avant-garde art gallery exposition objects very realistic feel clumsy naked supermodel Kate Moss torso.

Inexpressive model’s face and naked torso depicting the sculpture is made of silicone and polyurethane rubber, and weighs 80 kg. The audience has been presented on 22 June.

One of the global network of the Opera Gallery galleries. K. Moss Torso – artist Edgar Askelovicius work. Earlier, he gained fame creating a British rock legend Davido Bowie sculpture, where the singer was depicted as half man, half dog. K. Moss E.


Askelovicius sculpture created entirely by supermodel pictures that even four months carefully studied. Gallery Director Jean-David malate think 43-year-old supermodel Blues will certainly managed to sculptor to capture the world as a fashion idol. This, incidentally, is not the first special K. Moss sculpture.

Ten years ago it became a British sculptor Marco Quinn inspiration. One of the most photographed women in the world the artist portrayed as a golden yoga deity with the head break open hands and feet.


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