Jessica Gomes Nude X-Rated Sex Scene Video (Uncensored)


Success in the world a model to create a line of beauty products do not make Jessica Gomes satisfied. The owner Australian and Chinese blood is also tested her acting skills in the movie Once Upon A Time In Venice.

Jessica Gomes sex scene

Unsparing, 32-year-old women’s role is quite bold. She did a sex scene with veteran actor Bruce Willis.

Jessica Gomes strips naked for raunchy sex scene with Bruce Willis in Once Upon a Time in Venice

Acting as Nola, Jessica Gomes teased Steve Ford, played by Bruce. Reporting from Dailymail , Tuesday (06/20/2017), the sex scene was pretty intense. Starting from the couch, that’s when Bruce was still picking up the phone. Until hot scene on the bed.

Jessica Gomes admits the scene is quite challenging for her. Therefore, the actor with hers own father’s age, ie 60 years. Even so, she remained professional and did the scene as possible.

“I’m like, oh my gosh , I’m with Bruce Willis now and we were making love,” said Jessica Gomes.

Jessica Gomes is known as a model. Not long ago, Jessica Gomes launched beauty products that includes naturally beautiful skin.

The skin care products called Equal Beauty. Jessica claimed the product made from premium natural ingredients from Australia so different from other products.

Hes face is her assets so she dared to spend money to make facial skin care products. The product can also always be taken for traveling because it fits with the needs of modern women who travel frequently.


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