Slams Body Shamers! Ireland Baldwin Goes Topless


At age 21, Ireland Baldwin goes topless when it comes to showing the body and encouraging followers to celebrate positive self-image.

Ireland Baldwin Goes Topless

American model and actress – who is the daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, and cousin of supermodel Hailey Baldwin – posed topless photo on Instagram, where she appears in jeans.

Showing her tattooed body and covering boobs with one hand. Ireland’s nearly 350,000 followers approved the record and one even pointed to the similarity of the model with Kim Basinger: “You look like your mother,” wrote the fan.

Ireland Baldwin strips topless for criticism on body

A long post accompanies shots of the beautiful Ireland, fascinating as parents, as busty mother Kim who, in a fit company seems incredibly resemble the days when the iconic actress seduced in “Nine and a half weeks.”

“Your body Should be treated with the dignity and respect it deserves. Your body must be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve,” wrote the young model and actress.

Ireland Baldwin sexy

Which reaffirms the role of the company, as a place where show how it is with no filters or adjustments: “I want to be as real as possible with everyone That follows me Because to be quite honest, what is the point of even the social media if you can not be who you truly are? What is the purpose of the company, if you can’t be for you and show who you really are?”.

Bisexual, recently out with a severe depression, from a relationship with rapper Angel Hazema, Ireland Baldwin seems to have been reborn and is displayed in all its beauty generous.


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