Courtney Stodden Strips Down Completely Naked To Promo Feminism


Do you remember Teen Bride Courtney Stodden (22)? Not? Do not worry! The wife of actor Doug Hutchison (57, “The Green Mile”, “Con Air”) once again drew attention to herself and her concern with a hot action.

Courtney Stodden naked Feminism

What does the reality TV star, who at the tender age of 16 years took the then 50-year-old Hutchison to the man, go well? Promoted her a beauty doc that shaped her body? Or does she want to sell the couch on which she is lolling? All wrong!

Courtney Stodden goes nude to promo feminism

With her sexy wrap-around photo she fights at Instagram for feminism. “Feminism means to me, a woman should celebrate every part of herself – her mind, her heart, her soul and her body.”, she explains to her followers.

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Clearly, feminism also means that woman herself can decide what she shows of her body. It’s a pity only that their fans do not really buy it, and they’re just going to make it to get attention. And on the other hand, many people probably did not even read the text. “Too much to read but love the pic as usual” (Too much text, but I love the picture as always) writes for example a person.

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An obviously male commentator becomes equally obtrusive and means “I would like to demonize your body … if you know what I mean.”, Which means that she wants to push a number with the 22-year-old.

Let’s hope that the Teen Bride has reached her goal from her point of view – no matter what it really was in the end.



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