Real Ass Bitch – Braless Blac Chyna Flashes Nipple Due To Unbuttoned Shirt


Reality star and actor, Blac Chyna, made a remarkable figure when she arrived the other day to ‘Barton G. Eatery’ in Los Angeles.

It was a bright red Ferrari Spider to 2.3 million on the street in the United States. Inside the car sat Blac Chyna with its shapely, huge boobs wrapped tightly in a tiny cowboy dress.

blac chyna boobs and nipple

And it quickly became apparent that the jacket was not designed for Blac Chynas huge boobs when her left nipple peeped out as she leaned back in the driver’s seat of the delicious, fast car.

Braless Blac Chyna accidentally flashes big boobs and nipple due to unbuttoned cowboy jeans Shirt

And on top of the beautiful boobs and car had Blac Chyna company of a mysterious man who was her date at deck.

Her exciting date was dressed entirely in black and disguised behind sunglasses.

black chyna flashed nipple

It was not discovered who the man is, but you can well conclude that Blac Chyna have more fun on the meat market than her ex Rob Kardashian, with whom she has a daughter Dream Renee, who was born last November.

When Blac Chyna came out of the car, it was the right nipples trip to look forward so that photographers really got something out of their efforts the other night.

Before she got together with Rob Kardashian was Blac Chyna girlfriend for three years with rapper Tyga, who trap got together with Rob’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner.

Tyga and Blac Chyna was engaged in almost two years and managed to get her son King Cairo Stevenson.


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