Actress Mina Horsfall : I Can’t Do Sex Scene In Movie


The Nollywood sexiest actress Mina Horsfall, who was showed off her sexy side in her sultry photo shoot earlier. The former beauty queen said as a model she never shy to have a bikini shoot.

Actress Mina Horsfall sexy

Actress Mina Horsfall have no problem in bikini photoshoot but can’t act in sex scene

Mina Horsfall said “Yes, I have a bikini shoot. Once I was a model. I’m a former beauty queen. So, I can have a bikini shoot. I don’t care what anyone says. Conferred you aren’t going to see my boobs and booty, I’m okay with it. I haven’t any problem with wearing a bikini.

About sex scene in Movie

Mina said, No! I wouldn’t do it because I’m African. I have nephews and nieces and I never want them to see that.



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