USA Drama Teacher Caught Having Sex With A Minor Student In The Car


Shameful – American drama teacher Pamela Stigger, 33, was spotted by police officers having sex with a student in the back of her car last Thursday.

Pamela Stigger theacher sex scandal

Pamela, who is married, had parked the vehicle near a crossroads in Tamarac, Florida, calling attention to pedestrians. The teacher denied that she had sex with the 15-year-old student. The student, however, confirmed that he was “having a party with Pamela.”

She was arrested and will be tried – since having sex with minors is a crime in that state. At the police station, Pamela changed her testimony: she said she had sex with a student, and she said: “He seduced me.”

Pamela Stigger, married teacher who caught have sex with student in the car

When questioned for the second time, Pamela gave the following explanation for the catch, which occurred at 2:00 in the morning: “I was giving an interpretation class for him.”

The excuse, of course, did not convince the officers, and she remained in detention. “I’m his mentor. I wanted to teach him ‘acting,'” she insisted.

And she was released after paying bail of about $ 116,600, but will have to keep an ankle so the police can watch over her. Officials said that when they opened the car door they saw the teenager without pants. The teacher was also half-naked.

The boy, who did not have the name disclosed, told police that the teacher offered him a ride. During the journey, the boy told her, she grabbed him. “He stole a kiss from me.”

“Then she took off my clothes. He said he wanted to stay with me a lot and they were not doing anything too bad.
When the cops showed up, the two of them had just had sex. The teacher, who is married to Kenneth (photo), teaches at Forest Glen High School. She has taught in Florida since 2008.

Pamela is forbidden by Justice to approach the minor. She was also dismissed from the school where she met the teenager.

You run the risk of losing your license to teach. Police are investigating whether Pamela has sex with other students or minors in the area.

For having taken the boy to have sex in the car, she is being accused of pedophilia, obscene behavior and sexual assault. If convicted, she may face up to 15 years in detention.

In addition to being a teacher, Pamela works as an actress. She also taught English at the same school.
The husband declined to comment on the woman’s arrest. A local TV interviewed students, who reported that this would have been “the first time” of the boy. His parents also declined to comment on the case.


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