Rihanna Bulge Boobs Revealed At Cannes Film Festival 2017


Like the waters of the Red Sea moving away only for Moses, the wall of photographers opened to let pass only Rihanna. The singer of Work Work Work has worked well at her arrival at the Cannes Film Festival.
Rihanna stunning Cannes Film Festival 2017

A surprise on the steps, on the evening of the projection of Okja , the controversial film of Bong Joon Ho projected in official selection, and as an advent for the photocall, which did not expect crowds on the red carpet Friday.

Rihanna shows off her crotch in Disney style princess dress at Cannes Film Festival 2017

The look is remarkable. Signed Dior haute couture. Rihanna looks at the photographers in an ivory bustier dress, covered with a large puffy cape matching behind small sunglasses inspired by Grace Jones.

For a few minutes, La Croisette stops turning. This is the first time that His Majesty Rihanna has gone up the stairs. Kind of historical moment. We hear more than the howls of the photographers, thirsty for a cliché of the superstar.

Near the red carpet, Michèle Laroque and Jean-Paul Rouve are asked to wait their turn. At the foot of the twenty-four steps of the Palace of Festivals, one dares to ask Riri to hurry.


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