Opemititi Ajayi Has Threatened To Sue Actress Mercy Aigbe Over Sex Scandal


Another controversy of Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe in her crashed marriage take another turn. She was claimed that Opemititi Ajayi, who had having sex with her husband and she call her a husband snatcher.

mercy aigbe near nude in bikini

Opemititi Ajayi, 31, has threatened to sue the actress for calling her a prostitute and husband snatcher.

Aigbe was said to have granted an interview to Broadway TV, where she accused the complainant of having an affair with her estranged husband.

Opemititi Ajayi has threatened to sue Mercy Aigbe and Linda Ikeji for calling her a prostitute and husband snatcher.

In a letter from Opemititi’s lawyer, Chief Afolabi Fashanu,SAN, dated May 15, 2017, Aigbe was quoted to have said: “The last incident started a few days ago when I was discovered that my husband has sexual relation with a woman who is my best friend, Opemititi, and his PAs. We were very close friends.”

Opemititi Ajayi legal notic

However, Opemititi in the letter denied that they were friends as claimed by Aigbe, adding that she never slept with  Mercy’s husband.

“Your defamatory phrases do not have uncertainty possessed a negative influence on the reputation of our customer inside the estimation of rights-thinking peoples both property and in another country. It has additional revealed her to hatred, contempt or ridicule, the impact of which is that she actually is now simply being shunned or averted by good friends and business employees,” the note added.

mercy aigbe sex appeal unbutton white shirtThe lawyer, however,  argued that Aigbe’s publication was against provisions of Cyber Crime Act for which under conviction, she might end up in jail.  He said his client has instructed that Aigbe should pay her the sum of N500 million as damages.

Also, Opemititi slammed popular blogger, Linda Ikeji with a N500 million lawsuit too for defamation, claiming that the blogger’s publication on her blog, dated April 28, 2017, had an adverse effect on her reputation in the estimation of right-thinking people.

In the said article, Linda Ikeji posted thus on her blog: “Another Nollywood marriage has crashed, the details are quite messy and yet again, another fair-skinned lady has been fingered to have allegedly caused the marriage crash.”

Opemititi Ajayi legal notic to Linda Ikeji

The letter by Opemititi’s lawyer reads: “Our client has denied vehemently that she did not at any time or any occasion have any affair with Mercy Aigbe’s husband as falsely published in your blog.”

By your publication, you have portrayed our client as a prostitute, husband snatcher and indeed, a woman of easy virtue.

In addition to the suit, Opemititi’s lawyers also gave a seven-day ultimatum to Aigbe and  Ikeji to issue retractions and public apologies on the same Broadway TV,  including their personal social media platforms.


  1. Lawyers should learn how to go to court first rather than come to the media and bark orders and threats. You are ready to sue someone for N500m, why come to the media to tell us?

  2. The purpose of the publication was for her first to apologizes then every thing will be settle but if not court case and #500,000 million , if they win the case.

  3. Mercy Aigbe sef !

    You say your husband almost killed you, that he beat you to a pulp !

    Ehn! Let some other woman snatch the brute now!

    Shwoo !! Surely this is an escape route for her!

  4. One thing is, the marriage crisis brought out the activist in the couple. The husband became a crusader for prison reforms, while the wife became an activist against the maltreatment of widows.

  5. This mercy is annoying! This is someone who snatched Gentry from another woman, how about her that is opening her legs everywhere? Nonsense whore


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