Accra Region Girl Allegedly Photoshopped Actress Destina Tata’s Naked Photo


A girl arrested for publish photoshopped naked photos of Ghanaian Actress Destina Tata on social media, what went viral.

Shanti K who allegedly publishing the actress nude photo on Facebook and Instagram cause of jealousy.

Shanti K and Destina Tata

Shanti K arrested for photoshopped actress Destina Tata’s nude photo

Although information with regards to the series of events are scanty, it seems someone later created a photo grid of Destiny Tata in her “birthday suit” (naked, for those of you who need help keeping up) and shared it on social media.

Shanti K Destina Tata Naked
Shanti K allegedly photoshopped Destina Tata Naked pics

The actress maintained the photos had been phony, a fact which was confirmed when she lastly identified and subsequently apprehended the one accountable for making the “photoshopped” pictures, a single Chanty Kay.

Shanti K confess that she was driven by jealousy to alter the photos from the actress. She was displeased with the fixation with which her sweetheart continues to be preference the actress’ pictures on social media.

The suspect’s boyfriend dated the victim until they broke up in 2013.

Fearing her man may return to his ex, she selected to disparage the track record of the actress.

In accordance using the suspect, she used somebody who doctored the actress’ image and joined it for bare body that matches her tone.

The nude pics had been really then introduced on social web sites.

Destina Tata, as their cellphone retains on buzzing simply because the pictures had been really introduced, defined she signed up with elements with peers to arrest the believe.


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