Sexual Positions For Lesbians: The Best With Harness


The missionary and the four supports are among the best sexual positions for lesbians with harness.

Sex with harness consists of one girl giving and the other receiving; One of them is the one that puts the harness and penetrates to its companion. There are many lesbians who think that these types of dildos are not recommendable for them because of their resemblance to the penis, but nothing further from reality. Our advice is that you give him at least one opportunity and for this you have the best sex positions for lesbians with harness.

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Sexual postures with harness for girls

If there is something that characterizes the sex between two girls is that the famous position between active and passive is constantly changing, that is why the harness can be a great ally in the sexual games between two girls. It does not have to be a dildo with a penis shape, nowadays in the market we find many devices like these that have nothing to do with the real form.


They are several, the main one is that the girl who penetrates has free hands to stimulate her partner, the other great advantage is that the fatigue is less since the penetration is done with the harness not with the fingers, the thrust of the hip Is bigger and easier to do. Let’s see below the best positions with harness for lesbians:

1. The missionary

One girl is lying down and the other is on top of her. This posture is ideal to begin testing the harness, since the penetration is simple and deep; Allows in turn to have the free hands to stimulate the erogenous points. As an inconvenience we will say that the “active” girl has to be constantly struggling with her body to stay elevated and not drop all her weight on her partner.

2. On all fours

In this position one of the girls is on the fourth legs on the bed or a cushion and the other introduces the dildo from behind, has the incentive of sexual posture so explicit and exciting. It is very comfortable for both and the hands can also be used in many ways, as many as the imagination wants.

3. Sideways

The two women lie on the bed in the popular position of the teaspoon , one of them penetrates the other in a gentle cadence of movement.

It is comfortable for both as they are lying down and relaxed and you can look at the face to see the pleasure in the face.

4. Standing

This posture is pleasant but perhaps a little difficult to achieve since one of them has to penetrate the other while holding its weight against a wall. If you dare with her maybe it is better to start with this posture and then move to the four legs, so you both enjoy and the “active” girl will not tire excessively.

Now to finish there are only a few extra tips: choose a quality harness with a good grip , the wide straps will make it hold better. It is made of a comfortable and flexible material that allows you a total freedom of movement. The adjustable closure harness is the most recommended as it is difficult to find one of your size. Enjoy!


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