Actress Nkechi Blessing Can’t Hide God Gifted Big Butt


Up-rising Big booty owned Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing sunday, promoting her recent movie “Omoge Lekki” and settled for the Yoruba movie industry.

Nkechi Blessing sunday big booty

In an interview, Nkechi reveals according relevant question selling point of her body is not a big issue. She think her talent bring her the top level what’s she deserve now.

Nkechi Blessing big bum is natural and never promoting as selling point

Nkechi Blessing sunday big bum

She said, People gossip that I have a big buttocks, but I don’t even care. It’s God given and I can’t hide it. People believe it’s one of the things I’m promoting, but I’ve been in the industry professionally since 2007; that is about 10 years now.

Nkechi Blessing sunday big butts

So when the movie “Omoge Lekki” became a big shot, they were like “the new girl that just started”. I have been in this game for long, trying to make a name for myself and I’m happy it’s happening. I can walk on the road now and people recognize me for that movie, which is a good thing.


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