Controversial Lea Michele Naked Bedroom Selfie


We could calmly say that Lea Michele is one of the queens of selfie on Instagram. The actress is increasingly inspired by the Kardashian sisters to make those “natural” photos in such everyday moments as when you get out of bed.

Lea Michele Naked Bedroom Selfie

Lea Michele cries for being a another kardashian

Eye! How natural! She does not lack detail. Eyelash mascara, eye shadow and even eyebrows makeup. Come on, just like any of us when we slept with makeup and woke up the next day.

Lea Michele continues to gain points to become part of the Kardashian clan. Of course traits could be one more and every time is catching more the taste to her sexy selfies on Instagram, what will be the next step?

Of course, it is on the right track.


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