Actress Toyo Baby Against Of Sex Before Marriage


Nollywood beautiful Actress Juliana Olayode, also popular known as Toyo Baby reveals about her role, virginity and relation.

Juliana Olayode Toyo Baby

I’m a strong promoter for sexual purity and it also surpasses the screen to me. Which is who I’m just and I’m not doing it for virtually any other explanation than that. Few years before I just start acting, god explained that.

He would available entry doors in my opinion and that wherever I go, I ought to always talk about Him and sexual purity. I belong to Mine Ministry which advocates sexual purity and we have our World Virginity Day on the second Saturday in June each yr. Virginity Day is not simply for virgins but also for all who represent erotic purity and understand that virginity is not a subject place to rest.

Peoples should not have sex till they are married

There are several immoral points on social media which attract plenty of targeted visitors but it’s unhappy that if you discuss something this kind of as sexual purity, folks look at you like you’re doing something weird. I must confess that it has not been easy for me. But irrespective of what goes on around me and in the movie industry, I have resolved to stand tall and stay true to my values.

I’m in a relationship now but I wasn’t in one when I started advocating purity. Intimate purity isn’t all about remaining in a partnership or else not. Plenty of people could envision that I’m declaring I’m sexually pure because of the fact I wasn’t in a relationship but there are some people who could seem your option and say they by no means want an intimate relation alongside, that each they really need is sex.

There will nearly always be pressure and it’s no simple technique but it’s superb to remain to one’s beliefs. Sometimes, 1 could be lured to provide it all up but I presume that people should not have sex till they are married. I by no means require to speak about the sort of guy I like because I have already got a person I really like.


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