10 Movies You Should Not Watch With Your Parents


Unless you have a well-open minded family, sometimes it’s kinda embarrassing to watch certain scenes in the presence of parents, ranging from sex and swearing to drug-taking situations.
50 shades

With the closeness of the 50 Shade Darlings premiere, we have compiled a list of the 10 movies that you should avoid as much as you can watch alongside your parents.

Here 10 movies you should watch alone

Although it is a love story, it is never as correct to watch 50 shades of Gray with your parents for obvious and compelling reasons – sex, fetishes and more fetishes.

American Pie is one of the most “sated” comedies of recent times and should never, ever be watched with her parents around.

The concept of fun in The Bridesmaids may not be the same as their parents – at least the wording of the film is certainly not appropriate for them.

The 40 Year Old Virgin comes down to 90 minutes of a middle-aged man chasing after his first night of sex, combined with several highly inappropriate scenes. Spend far from that movie with your parents nearby.

The Wall Street Wolf may not be appropriate for his parents. In addition to showing women as “self-seeking and fickle,” the film abuses alcohol and drugs.

Preciosa is a drama of a girl besieged by her mother’s boyfriend. Although there are no restrictions on jokes, it is never so comfortable to watch such heavy dramas in the company of your mother and father.

Brokeback Mountain is a classic “do not watch with your parents”. Of course, if they have a more open mind, half way will be walking. Still, the sex scenes are very “real”.

Kill Bill does not have anything so sexual. Still, his violence is quite explicit and may shock anyone who is more sensitive. If your parents can not handle strong emotions, do not watch.

Sex, sex and more sex – explicit. Nymphomaniac tells the story of Joe, a woman who has to deal with her sex addiction and never, should never be seen in the presence of her parents.

Following the line of Kill Bill in the violence issue, Mortal Games must also pass away from the paternal figures, or that do not support extreme violence. People self-muffling is the lightest thing that the franchise will present to the viewer’s blood colder.


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