The Queens Of African Sex In Nairobi


Talking about sex in Kenya seems to be complicated. Although the social relations between men and women imply an evident sexual content in the day-to-day, to speak of it is taboo. Sex is everywhere: from prostitution and sexual assault to women, to uninformed curiosity among young people to do “what is fashionable”.
Karen Lucas and Nini Wacera

In such a context, and Nairobi being one of the most advanced and open metropolises in Africa, it is difficult to understand why sex education is banned in schools and to talk about it is frowned upon. The only information that comes to teenagers about sex is negative and with a clear message: “Whoever has sex breaks up with a baby or an illness. “End of story. Hypocrisy around the absence of sex education has led to other forms of communication that, thanks to social networks, are managing to educate listeners in an area unknown to many.

Karen kaz lucas : The spread ep16 masturbation

Karen Lucas, a 33-year-old Kenyan actress and singer known as Kaz, attends FCINCO on a Skype call. She and her partner in this adventure, Nina Wacera, 38, are the two sex goddesses who burst onto Kenyan networks a year and a half ago with their podcast The Spread. The two friends try to spread the idea of ​​positive sex and remind women not to feel guilty when they engage in relationships without the purpose of getting pregnant, but simply to enjoy.

“For us, sex is an act of love between one, two or more people, why not?” Kaz laughs. “The most important thing is to share a beautiful experience with the other person, in addition to a moment of intimacy.” In 2015, they began with the weekly Podcast The Spread (approximately 30 minutes), accompanied by several videos on Kaz’s personal channel on Youtube where they both answered the questions of the listeners after the audio.

Karen kaz lucas : sex is an act of love between one, two or more people

It is necessary to take into account that a show of these characteristics collaborates with a necessary education that does not reach the new generations by other sources. “The church has taught us that our bodies and our sexuality are dirty, so obviously the conversations around it are filthy and unholy,” cries Kaz.

At the same time, she points out that the Government is taking steps back rather than informing young people. “The government banned sex education in schools several years ago because it thought that in this way relationships increased. What has happened is that there has been an increase in the number of HIV infections among adolescents aged 13 and 17 who are uninformed of safe sex and positive”.

Although the program has generally been very positive, the Government has been critical of them. “They have come to say that we were lesbians and a bad influence,” says Kaz, who was already part of the Kenyan version of the Vagina Monologues.

The combination of both during their podcast is perfect, as they treat any subject with naturalness and sense of humor, maintaining a close relationship with the listener as if it were a conversation between friends.


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