Mischa Barton Sex Tape Going Face Limelight


Is Mischa Barton actually a sex scandal? The 31-year-old has caused a bizarre collapse, probably under the influence of drugs , and a hospital stay as well as an outfall for the headlines.

topless Mischa Barton Sex Tape

Sex tape with Mischa Barton in the lead role?

Now, it looks as if the former “OC, California” actress would have to worry that a sex tape of her comes into circulation .

As the British Daily Mail reported, the film was offered to more companies that distribute such videos. Hollywood’s celebrity sex tape agent Kevin Blatt, who has already brought Paris’s “1 Night In Paris” to Paris, claims that an anonymous person had offered his a film with Mischa Barton in the slippery lead role.

Minimum bid is 500,000 dollars

Who can pay the most, the surcharge for the Sex strife get, as the minimum demands the provider however half a million dollars. “I know that three major online porn sites have reviewed the offer and are seriously considering it,” Blat said.

On the basis of the screenshots he wants to see from the video, the media broker is convinced that the woman in the film, who has sex with an unknown dark-haired man , is Mischa Barton. The video is to have emerged in the last year in a Private house in Hollywood.

The last thing Mischa needs now

It’s still unclear whether the sex film actually shows Mischa Barton and whether it is also released. However, the actress’s close-ups are already worried. “This is the last thing Mischa needs now,” quoted “dailymail.co.uk” an insider. “Her name has often been dragged through the dirt, she does not need a sex scandal right now.”


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