Malawi Female Police Allegedly Leaked Naked Photo Online


The Malawi woman Police officer known as Esther Chionjeza and is especially alleged she just finished over the last move out parade late last year.

Based on reports, Constable Chionjeza who is reportedly to have graduated from Limbe Police Training School and was posted to Chileka Police Station possessed a secret situation using 1 of the Elderly Law Enforcement Officers while in education.
Esther Chionjeza

It may be alleged she then delivered the photographs to his magic formula fanatics who unfortunately was in the long-term found together with the photographs by his matrimonial partner.

Malawi Police girl officer nude photos leaked online

Unconfirmed studies suggest how the Woman Constable has considering that been happy from her obligations.

However when contacted for the reply to the matter, Malawi Authorities Nationwide Spokesperson James Kadadzera denied to provide information of the challenge.

Kadadzera decided that it reporter fulfill him directly suspecting it was really someone who just prepared to expose and tarnish the image in the Malawi Legislation enforcement Solutions (MPS).
Malawi Female Police nude

“I cannot just start particulars for the requirements basing on telephone link. We should always meet up with and confirm your genuineness,” Kadadzera told Nyasa Occasions inside a Whatsap reaction.

At the same time, it is really not but known regardless of whether Esther is going to be billed for indecent exposure.

Nonetheless, other quarters recommend that the one who leaked the pictures will be the one to be prosecuted.

This isn’t the very first time to get a Malawian to possess nude photos leaked.

A yearr ago, Deputy Minister of Safety Vincent Ghambi also made headlines when a video clip portraying his deal with was leaked.

It had been alleged he intended to send out the clip to one of his key enthusiast who was reportedly to be among the Democratic Modern Get together (DPP) Sendela dance Queens.

In 2008 Nyasa Occasions have been the first one to exclusively report on biggest story ever of Blantyre socialite and the wife of a Blantyre-based prominent lawyer who had been fingered in highly circulated pornographic photos and video clips.

Grey Nkungula, who was General Manager of Malawi Switch Center – a subsidiary of Reserve Bank of Malawi, was the man seen in compromising situation with Tapiwa Msiska, former wife of prominent lawyer Moderchai Msiska, in the highly circulating photos.

Other photos and video clips showed Nkungula having sex and posing in different nude poses with assorted other ladies.

Msiska -an auditor – was fired from her function place, Delloite and Touch, as the Hold Financial institution board also sacked Nkungula.



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