Kylie Jenner Bares Naked Big Butts And Smoky Topless Photos Rival Kim Kardashian


The youngest member of the Kardashian family shared a couple of photographs in her Instagram account, sparking controversy among her followers.

Kylie Jenner claims she is the new belfie queen, caption on bare booty photos on Instagram. She also compare her booty with her big sister kim kardashian. She tell her butts bigger than kim.

Kylie Jenner bare booty

Kylie Jenner makes her fans sad with nudity on social media

The photos were part of a shooting of Kylie Jenner’s photographer and friend, Sasha Samsonova, and in them she appears half-naked lying on a bed, tangled in sheets and smoking a cigarette.

And although the content had an artistic purpose, some people made comments in the publications, to express their disagreement. “Smoking is a bad example for teenagers.

Kylie Jenner flaunts her nude booty on social media

Kylie Jenner topless smoke

So if you can, use your advertising the right way. Anyone can look good with underwear and a cigarette in their mouth, “said Daniel Bidelmia, Instagram user.

In addition, her followers also questioned what she was smoking, since Kylie and her family have always kept away from this vice.


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