Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Continues To Make A Fortune


Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J, released in 2007, has been viewed online more than 150 million times, according to Vivid Entertainment, who published the video.

kim k sex tape

Celebrate 10th anniversary of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape

The video has already earned Vivid more than $50 million since 2007. At the time of the agreement with Kim and Ray J, the producer paid them $2 million each for the material, and it is noted that They keep pocketing a share of the profits.

Once More Times Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape On Lime Light

In October last year, Vivid also released the Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience video, a 3D virtual reality film featuring Kim’s images, and the producer named the month of March 2017 as the month of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape for 10 year anniversary of the film that gave fame and success to the socialite.


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