Watch : Jennifer Lopez Has Made A Sex Tape


Jennifer Lopez is one of the hottest divas in Hollywood. That already we all know and she does not care to hide it. Rather, try to highlight it, because it knows that it brings us like crazy.

Jennifer Lopez Has Made A Sex Tape
And so he demonstrated again this week during his last visit to the show What Happens Live with Andy Cohen , where he did some Very spicy revelations about his daring tastes inside the room.

o make Lopez tell his intimacies, Cohen created the game Fifty Shades of Blue in honor of his successful Universal Channel show . This entire section was super hot, but the best part came when the host asked the singer and actress if she had ever recorded having sex.

Waiting for the Jennifer Lopez sex tape leaked ?

What did JLo answer? Nothing! And it was that the embarrassment it invaded and it only had time to blush and to smile, before its companion of distribution, Ray Liotta, responded a fast “no”.

Curious about Lopez’s attitude, do not you think? Jen did not say or deny having sex recorded, but considering her daring spirit and super-handsome boyfriends, this would not surprise us at all.

Then the conversation continued and the interpreter for Is not Your Mama revealed some hot habits, saying that she likes to play with handcuffs in the room, but that “it depends on her mood”.

The ex- Drake also confessed that her response to the idea of ​​a threesome is a big “NO”, but she loves to leave the lights on during sex because she “likes to see”.

Jennifer said she “loves” to hug her partner after the action, and that role-playing finds them “stupid”.

On Wednesday several media revealed that after ending their relationship with the 30-year-old rapper, Lopez has been dating Alex Rodriguez . “They have been seeing each other for weeks, and last weekend they were seen in Los Angeles. They like it a lot because they have a lot in common, from their Latino roots, to their love of New York, and their children,” said a source. Page Six.

Take Alex! Wives in bed and the light on is a good plan to please this super star.


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