Shocking But True: Father Rapes His Daughter As Purpose Of Sex Education


Enock Mweene has become the headline of several news portals in Africa, such as ‘Nigeria Today’. He was seen raping one of his daughters recently in the town of Magoye, Zambia, which lies in the western part of the African continent. The case was discovered by Enock’s youngest mother and wife.

Father abuses his daughter to let her experienced for marriage

She decided to come home early and, upon arriving at the residence, caught the two of them in the bedroom. Mweene, according to Nigeria Today, is the father of seven children, three of whom are women. Sexual abuse would be carried out against the three girls and the motive would be a supposed duty that he would have as her father.

Father abuses his daughter to let her experienced for marriage

Enock Mweene raped his daughters two years ago. By the time he decided to take one of the girls to bed, the wife had left the house. It was always the routine he took, believing he would never be caught. However, on a certain day, the mother returned to the warmth of the home and caught sight of the crime scene.

The father’s rape against his own daughter was reported on Friday, 17. The girl’s mother was completely out of her mind after seeing the scene that certainly should not come out of her head. Quickly, she decided to call the neighbors, who could prove that the villager actually performed the act of extreme cruelty with at least one of the three daughters.

The man, questioned by the locals, confessed that he actually had sex with the girl, but did not see it as abuse. Enock Mweene reported that he not only had sex with his daughters but also with his nieces when they visited him at his house. The abuses against the nieces would also happen for at least two years. Both rapes began in the same period.

The African was then asked why he did this. He replied that every woman needs to pleasure her husband, so he decided to teach his daughter to his obligations as a woman in marriage, that is, he wanted to teach her the correct way to have sex with her future husband in order to Maintain a lasting union.

Until the case was published, the man was still loose. There is no information from the local authorities that will reveal whether or not there will be an investigation into the case.

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