The 8 Recent TV Series With More Sex Scene


Sex is already commonplace in any television series. In fact, there is the strange belief that, for a fiction to be considered ‘adult’ and therefore prestigious, it does not have to be stingy in eroticism.
sense8 lesbian sex scene

Currently, there are many series with high sexual tension. The question is: Is it about courage or cheap claim?

It is clear that sex is no longer exclusive of morning hours and that the two diamonds have long since disappeared. Now, multitude of prime-time series do not skimp on nudes and very hot scenes. In some cases, eroticism is justified by hyphens, while in other products, supposedly ‘hot’ sequences are no more than crude attempts to capture audiences.

True Detective: The Good and the Bad of Crime

The first season was overrated but it was passable. Eroticism was fair but fine. The second, however, was one of the worst productions seen in recent years. There are no words to explain that concoction of chaos, rudeness, bad taste, and cheap philosophy.

Curiously, it has been in the second season that has injected more sex: orgies, pornography, prostitution … Did you think that was going to distract us from the trash? No, gentlemen. Sex is not so powerful.


The best thing we can say about the Netflix series is that it’s crazy. A mamarrachada created by brothers Brothers Wachowski that mixes science fiction existentialist with vindication for the rights of the collective LGTB.

Of course, the erotic level is very but very high. You just have to see the orgy of Chapter 6 to keep our mouths open. Hallucinatory.

Shameless: Shameless family

Six seasons and the Gallagher continue to talk. The most irreverent clan on TV raise the bar of madness (and sex) this year, with dirty and comical eroticism in equal parts.

Orange is the new black

What can be said of ‘Orange is the new black that has not already been said? That has revolutionized the prison genre, which has created a trend and has claimed the woman in all its vital and sexual fullness. Lesbianism, obscenities, cheating and tenderness in equal parts. Wonderful.

American Horror Story: Hotel

If you put Lady Gaga in a series of Ryan Murphy can only leave a festival of blood and kitsch sex as ridiculous as fascinating. The gothic and creative bulimia of the show runner reaches its maximum splendor in this season (the fourth) that has returned to the series its shine lost.

Girls: Real Sex

It’s not that she’s the prettiest in the world but she’s the one with the least prejudice. With her fourth season, Lena Dunham has re-released her mane and has continued her intellectual and sexual insights. A series in which sex is neither made up nor disguised. It simply is what it is. Point.

Masters of sex: Erotic Science

Masters of sex is, at the same time, the most erotic and frigid series on television today. Everything is based on sex, on the investigation of intimate relationships (in the 60s above), but, however, the purpose is not to provoke morbism but quite the opposite. Understand, once and for all, that sex is a way to communicate as any other. Do not devalue or undervalue it.

‘Game of Thrones’: Death, Sex and Dragons

Five seasons and ‘Game of Thrones’ is still the biggest money-making machine on television. This year has finally won the Emmy and everything is the same as the first day. A lot of death, a lot of barbarism, many dragons and a lot, a lot of the most depraved and dirty sex.


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