Parents Found Unknown Naked Woman Sleep Next To Their Baby Daughter


And the mystery of what happened to Limpopo, South Africa: a family has tried recounted horror after finding an unknown sleeping naked on the bed next to her baby. Casma Selepe, the 34-year-old mother of baby, has revealed how occurred the frightening and disconcerting discovery.

unknown black nude woman

Her husband was out, and she said he had put their children to bed at 21:15 before going to turn to sleep. But then Casma woke up, heading for a chilling discovery: “My youngest son of four years found himself in a strange room that slept with him in peace, then my husband came home and asked me who it was that person.

A unknown naked woman found sleep with a south African parents baby daughter in bed

The mysterious interloper – that she was naked – did not reply when asked how he entered the house and what he was doing there.

Who’s going?

Some members of their community have also brought up witchcraft. Dr Sylvester Hlathi, leader of the ‘South African Development Community’, a traditional healers association, said he is not sure if the intruder might have mental problems or was under ‘evil influences’.

Casma added: “We called our pastor and some of our neighbors asking them to come to our aid. They were just as shocked and all of them have tried to get information from the woman, but she did not say anything. Then we took her out and tied to a tree. We were surprised when the police came to my house the next morning to come and save the woman, because we have disputed a way a little ‘rude’ to deal with her.

“The frightened mother of the family concluded that her children are still traumatized by this incredible accident and at the time went to live with his grandparents because they are afraid to return to their home. A police spokesperson said that the intruder is from Mozambique and was conducted in the hospital to undergo a mental examination. Meanwhile we are still investigating.”


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