Once More Times Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape On Lime Light


The second sex tape Kim Kardashian went to the network? Celebrity is terrified that the world will see a new sex video with ex-boyfriend!

kim kardashian cleavage

The first sex tape Kim Kardashian was recorded in 2007. It is thanks for bed with Ray J. Kim gained international fame and fortune. Ex tape Kim Kardashian made, it has become the most famous celebrity in the world. Over the years Kim benefited from her popularity, while trying to cut out the image of porn stars.

Now, the network appeared information about the second sex tape Kim Kardashian . The Mirror reports that the “fans” who massively looking for a new recording on the Internet.

Kim Kardashian: new SEX TAPE leaked to the network ?! Kim is horrified

“The world crazy about the new footage from the star, who allegedly leaked” – writes the magazine.

“The recording shows a woman in bed, looking like Kim, who is wearing a skimpy bra and shows the body of a man who seems to hold the camera” – she added.

New sex tape Kim Kardashian certainly not celebrities would be delighted. Years after the publication of the first recordings Kim managed to gain the status of “major” star, who runs the business on a global scale and is the mother of two children. As star them what is on the recording, which circulates on the internet?


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