Actress Afia Schwarzenegger Shares Nude Woman Photo On Instagram


Ghanaian actress Afia Schwarzenegger blasts on a woman for sending naked photo to her husband.

Afia Schwarzenegger topless

32-year-old Ghanaian sexiest actress who marry with Lawrence Abrokwa who live in South Africa. The actress shared a nude woman photo on social media and she claims that this woman is social media prostitute who send her unclad photo to her husband.

She write a message with warning to all social media prostitute.

Actress Afia Schwarzenegger post nude prostitute photo on social media

afia shares nude prostitute pic

Afia Said, “I’m a very kind person so anytime anyone choose to inbox her broom breast, ugly face and manhole pussy to my husband. I’ll post it on my page to get you more customers, to those of you calling me names to him let me kindly remind your stupid self that I was labelled all the unprintable names before he paid my bride price, bought me a diamond ring, and a house… And anyone that dm me last night to preach about forgiveness to me… May God punish you. I’m done warning all the social media prostitutes!!!!”

She is not my hubby’s side chick.. She is this desperado who has been inbox her nakedness to my hubby on fb and calling me bitch among other names. My hubby warned her and she felt she has what I don’t so she will continue… Even my dog panther condom cant sleep with her and eish sisters please check your room before taking pictures.. Oops


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