Caught On CCTV A Randy Couple Having Sex In Domino’s Pizza Hut


A couple was recorded at the precise time they had sex inside a popular pizza hut in England. The video was published on YouTube, became viral and, as expected, social networking users have been surprised by the pair’s brazenness.
sex in Domino Pizza

The video, posted on YouTube and other social networks like Twitter, show the exact moment you see a guy with his back to the security camera of Domino’s pizza and his girlfriend in front of him, but on her knees.

Shameless couple perform sex act in Domino’s Pizza Hut

Then, as if this had not been enough, they approach the bar to place their order, this time she in front of him, but backwards, and continue to have sex in front of the employee who at this point we do not know if he noticed or Not the sexual scene unfolding in front of him.

After the video was published on YouTube users of the world demanded to know the identities of these public lovers and as sometimes the voice in social networks is the voice of God, they presented themselves as Daniella Hirst (28) and Craig Smith (31), Who before the scene that made them famous were drinking at a party.


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