Rita Ora No Longer Remember Where Her Topless Photo Has Taken


Rita Ora is not a big shy. The singer has just posted on her account Instagram official a very sexy photo, breasts to the air. A sexy snap that goes around the world, especially since Rita Ora confessed that she could not remember when he was caught … The photo is to be found on Non Stop People.

rita ora old sexy photo

Recently, Rita Ora said in an interview that she did not have a good body feel. This is hard to believe …

Rita Ora stands at night to the belly button in the pool, the bra hangs at half past eight, with the crossed arms she covers her boobs. On the next picture, the bra sits back tightly and she steps out of the water.

At only 26, the star Rita Ora string of projects. If it started as a singer produced by Jay-Z , she later directed the movie playing in flashy shades of Grey. She is currently recording new songs, while at the same time she is the presenter of American Next Top Model. It is therefore natural that Rita Ora lose his head a little, and no longer remember when it poses almost naked for the cameras . This is what happened today 7 January on behalf Instagram official Rita Ora . The artist has shared with his 11 million fans a cliché that she does not remember taking …

Rita Ora, amnesic but very sexy on Instagram

Rita Ora is definitely full of surprises. The singer does not lack humor, and unveiled the very hot cliche that ignites the internet. “To be honest, I do not remember so there is no caption on the photo … LOL” said Rita Ora on the sidelines of his photo Instagram . A message that has the merit of being clear. And even if Rita Ora does not remember the photo shoot, everyone agrees that the artist is sexier than ever topless in a pool in the middle of the night. With already 165,000 comments, the cliché is the buzz and rave reviews are all on the plastic of the British young.


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