Dakota Johnson Is Already Fed Up With Sex Scenes


Among the wealth of engaging performance is the ability to “be” someone else for a period of time. Or of having interpreted an entrepreneur and then having the role of a young sportsman. That is why some fall into frustration when they are typed into a character or type of paper.

Dakota Johnson boobs

A Jennifer Aniston always remember the role of Rachel Green in the series Friends. Scarlett Johansson is leaving slowly the characters of women who are just sexy. And Dakota Johnson no longer want to do more scenes of sex .

The star of the erotic film ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ translated into Spanish as Fifty Shades of Grey, told the magazine Glamour already is getting bored of the sex scenes. Although this has for a long time, it still lacks the recording of the last film in the trilogy.

Dakota Johnson bored with filming sex scenes

“It’s not that I was completely discouraged, but I’m ready to do other things. Maybe they are sexy projects or maybe the opposite. But I know I’m ready to move forward ” , said Dakota Johnson before the years pass and only remember it for its sex scenes alongside actor Jamie Dornan.

In February 2017 is the release of the second installment of this erotic saga, Fifty Shades Darkest. And in 2018 is planned to release Fifty shadows released. So, dear Dakota Johnson, still have some outstanding scenes of sex.


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