The Best Positions To Have Sex Outside Your Bed


They will be more comfortable without having to go to the bedroom, and sex will be a new experience.

hot sex in kitchen

Having sex out of your bed is a challenge and you need to have options for the best positions for you and your partner are very comfortable, as if they were in the room.

With out of bed we refer to any room of the house, in the kitchen, in the living room, where passion and the torment and can not anymore. They may experience new positions with which will have no problem in having sex elsewhere.

1. Hug

This is typical and very comfortable, he must load and you wrap your feet around your partner, so that it can penetrate there.

2. Sitting on the couch|

Your partner should be sitting on the couch and you will have to stand on top of him, face to face with your legs spread and move your pelvis forward and back. It will be a very exciting stance!

3. He in a piece of furniture

You should climb a furniture-table, high chair, washing machine, etc.-and get down on your knees with your buttocks glued to your heels while you hit him and start penetrating. In this position he must be a little down on you so they can have a good distance and can accomplish.

4. Wild sex

This is only for couples who enjoy wild sex. In this position , you must be back to him and lean, supporting a piece of furniture; While he takes you and puts his hands on your waist making moves from front to back.

With these positions will you reach a session of sex very pleasurable and these options can give your partner.

Do not stay bored in the room. Off to bed!


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