Teacher And Student Sex Relation Grow After Meet On Snapchat


A Texas teacher began a sexual relationship with her student 16-year-old after talking with him on Snapchat.

alaina ferguson

Alaina Ferguson, a teacher of 23-year-old, was arrested last week in Texas. The reason ? Local police discovered that she had a relationship with one of her students 16. She continued to sexual assault, says CBS . When questioned by investigators, the boy said he had enrolled at the top of one of its copies, Snapchat his pseudonym.

The algebra teacher from Plano Senior High School kept the name and came into contact with the teenager. The two began a conversation on the social network and agreed to be privately a few days later. Also according to the student’s account, they met in a park where they had sex.

Teacher Alaina Ferguson having sexual relation with student after meet in social media

According to the survey, a few days after the first report, the high school student and a friend were guests at Alaina Ferguson in the apartment she shared with her fiance, who was absent that day. The three reportedly had pizza before starting a game of beer pong, alcohol play.

The friend of the teen would be absent for the dog out of the teacher. The latter would have benefited from his absence to have a new sexual relationship with a student. “She told the student that she knew what she was doing was wrong, but that when it happened, it felt good, she was separating from her boyfriend because she felt nothing for him, “wrote an investigator’s report quoted by CBS.

The two would then began a secret relationship and have made love several times, in different places, including the back of the car the student after a football game. Incarcerated, Alaina Ferguson was released on bail on 1 st December after paying 100,000 dollars. Planon committed to the school last August, she had resigned in October.


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