Naked Truth Behind The Chika Ike Failed Marriage


In a recent interview with The Nation, the Nollywood actress Chika Ike was asked if she regretted getting married at the time that she did and if it had led to the tragic end of the union.

Chika Ike ample cleavage

Inside a occupation interview utilizing the Nation, when asked for if getting a wedding inside a younger age skilled something at all associated with the way it finished year ago, she mentioned.

“I do believe it concerns a lot of good factors; one of them could be getting youthful. Some people get hitched that younger and have been capable of creating their marriages work. But when you’re youthful, you’re youthful.

Actress Chika Ike has reveals about her unsuccessful marriage

There are some issues you’ve not knowledgeable. You could be unable to stay calm when you’re expected to stay calm, comprehend when you are expected to fully grasp or depart what you’re expected to depart.

“I think it concerns era therefore various other things like compatibility and never becoming accurate to your self within the relationship. Everyone features a restrict. There are some issues in relationship which you may be unable to stay. Some people’s restriction might not be my restriction; my limit could be somebody’s place to begin.”

On rumors she is likely to go walking on the aisle once much more,she stated

“Marital life is actually a beautiful institution. I’ll never ever chat down on marriage because it’s something I still look forward to. It’s what every woman dreams for. Though I’m focused on my career right now, I do have a very particular person in my life”, she concluded.


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