Hot! Kylie Jenner Naked Shower With Tyga Video Has Released


Cleavage and bare butts, lustful poses, hot moments with her boyfriend Tyga… Kylie Jenner has released for Christmas a very hot video that will have the effect of a bomb.

naked kylie jenner take shower with tyga for w magazine

This is THE video that will give you hot between the Christmas turkey and the preparation of your New Year’s Eve. Vimeo, the photographer Sasha Samsonova published a sequence of three minutes soberly entitled “KYLIE” . The sexy Kylie Jenner found there, filmed from every angle when plans very, very, very hot … Remember, there’s a little more than a month, Sasha Samsonova was posted on Instagram a sexy picture Kylie Jenner and Tyga.

Kylie Jenner goes completely naked with tyga in shower video clip

Topless, Kim Kadashian’s sister was sitting astride her boyfriend who had her head in her chest (Kylie Jenner’s, not hers). Well this shot was actually only a small preview of this video that starts on the hats. Kylie Jenner, chest outside lights a cigarette. A few seconds later we discover that the young woman does not actually wear any clothes!

Soon after, Kylie Jenner donned a long t-shirt, but, lack of bowl, she is in the shower. Inevitably, it all turns quickly to the contest of wet t-shirt for a very sexy result. Then comes the rapper Tyga. In the shower, then outside, the two lovers are cuddling that could almost classify this sequence in the category erotic film.


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