Filming : Man Forced Girl To Have Sex In A Park In Florida


The minor was found with the accused in a park were forced her to have sex.

minor forced girl to have sex

A 20-year-old was accused of meeting a 11-year-old girl in a park Polk County in Florida and later forced her to perform sex acts while his friend was filming all the action.

Filmed a 11-year-old girl raped In A Park In Florida

According to the Sheriff’s Office Polk County , the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon under the sunlight. The crime scene is located right next to the Library of the City of Mulberry in Florida, which is closed on Sundays.

The accused man was identified as Eugene Beatty , this arranged an appointment to meet with the teenager in the park and then immediately order him to have sex with her on a table.

Moreover Beatty’s friend, who is under 18 years of age, took the defendant shoot the sex act with her cell phone and then publish on social networks, this according to his arrest affidavit.

Park neighbors describe the place as one popular for area children go enjoy healthy and not in the past had reported any inappropriate situation.

The researchers said they will not offer explanations of how the victim and the suspect agreed to meet in the familiar place. During the investigation a person told an officer school resources that the videos were broadcast and viewed by thousands of people.


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