Bibi Bright – I’m Not Afraid People See My Nude Photos


Actress, Bibi Bright is certain that no one can drip her nude photos in to the online.

Bibi Bright nude

Based on her, even though she’s into semi-nude photoshoots, she would not make any gaffe for somebody to obtain entry to her warm nude photographs and distribute it on social networking.

The even worse nude image that could possibly come about of me is my image shoot… In spite of that I’ll submit it myself but for a man or my ex, no! it won’t happen.?, I don’t have fear of that because that is one thing that i don’t do?

Actress Bibi Bright not scare people seeing her naked leaked photos online

“Even the man I was then married to…. my child’s father has never taken a shot of my naked, I don’t play in such manner… such willful attitude is never a part of me.”

The stunning actress was talking around the debatable section Kasapa Enjoyment, ‘Pae Mu Ka’.

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She urged portion of the community to avoid directed accusing hands and fingers at her proclaiming she’s the very first celebrity to publish her semi-nude picture capture on social networking.

“Let’s stop the hypocrisy.. I’m not the preliminary woman to undertake pictures with component of my physique showing… it happens everywhere, its photograph consider and I’m not the initial. In the event an individual goes towards the pool region and get pictures within their publish and bikini them around the Instagram how can people determine that particular,” Bibi quizzed?

“Pae Mu Ka” is really a new sector on Kasapa Amusement on Kasapa 102.5FM, it appears for to discover the particular existence situations of Ghanaian superstars.


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