10 Most Shocking Nude Scene In Movies


Naked in the movie can be art or not. The truth is that they can be part of a good script and in these 10 films in which the characters felt content, therefore, as when they came into the world.

1. About Schmidt

In addition, great actress Kathy Bates goes full frontal naked. She is one of those women who do not need eternal in youth or in a thin body, whether to work or be happy. A great scene depicting this is in the film About Schmidt, which is seen in a hot tub with Jack Nicholson. She tells him to stay, while the cover bubbles little or nothing; and Nicholson prefer.

2. Demolition Man

Sylvester Stallone in the movie Demolition Man (1993) had to make a naked when interpreting the policeman who destroyed everything he touched, John Spartan. When appears on the scene, it’s an ice man 90 that would be unfrozen to save the world with their knowledge muscles and arms and, for those who saw in tissue.

3.  Old School

A group of friends and grabs them by the misfortunes of life decide “Back to school” or what can be translated as do those things you never dared to do before. In one of the scenes, and as a representation of that urge to escape from the routine, Will Ferrell running naked through the streets. It Watch the trailer comedy Old School 2003!

4. The classic The Full Monty

All for a job. In The Full Monty a group of men are naked before a wave of unemployment.

5. Calendar Girls

Helen Mirren, the actress serious roles like the Queen of England or the ruthless police chief, has a great idea in The Calendar Girls : pose naked with other women and all for a good cause, take forward the hospital zone.

6. The Little Mermaid

Daryl Hannah appears as a cute Barbie unclothed in the version of the Little Mermaid Splash , 1984. At the time it caused a sensation, what do you think?

7. The tail Crowe

Russell Crowe is the protagonist of a romantic movie, Hammers Over the Anvil , where raging in the heart of two women. And of course, back in 1993, as was one of the heart-throb on the rise, even he went to the gym.

8. Love board

One of the highest grossing films in history had it as the muse of Leonardo Di Caprio. This great actress, Kate Winslet, posed nude to tell the story of a love in Titanic.

9. One of Brigitte Bardot

Under the direction of cult director Jean-Luc Godard, Brigitte Bardot showed her naked body in Contempt (1963). The scenes in which the blonde appeared were the rage at the time.

10. The girl and chair

I could not miss, because in this scene is where it all started for Sharon Stone . For those who forgot .. The trailer of the film Basic Instinct (1992).


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