She Wants Sex In The Pool, But Tail Off With Cold Water


“She wants sex in the pool, but tail off with cold water. What do I do now?”

black couple pool sex

“I’m going to the beach for a pool house. With some malice, my girlfriend has said he would try to have sex in the water without the neighbors to see. I don’t know if she was serious, but it worries me that’s my penis decrease in contact with cold water. There will be solution to my problem? ”

“Special circumstances, such as cold, in this case contact with cold water, can cause constriction of the blood vessels of the penis and retract it, looking smaller. Do not worry. They are defense phenomena of the body, but possibly not occur in the presence of his girlfriend, since the phenomenon of sorrow is reversed.

In excitement phase, the blood is pumped into the penis, the corpora cavernosa are filled with blood and an erection occurs normally. The suggestive situation of his girlfriend will increase penis size, so you should not worry.”


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