Portrait Of Male Celebrities Perform Oral Sex


It is no secret that oral sex is very misrepresented in movies and pop culture. Ryan Gosling made a powerful speech in 2010 when the Movie Association, a nonprofit organization that defends the interests of big American studios, tried to classify Valentine For always as not recommended for children under 17 because of the scene that the actor is “oral sex” on the character of Michelle Williams .

He said the MPAA try to “control women’s sexuality” was something misogynist.

Yes, these two weights and two measures still persist, and keeps sending the message that sexual desire of a woman is too outrageous to the public.

To circumvent this standard, the Russian artist Alexandra Rubinstein created the series A Dream Come True : a selection of the cats we love artists performing oral sex for women perspective.

“This series is a response to the lack of representation of female sexuality in traditional media and pornography, which reiterates to the public that sex is about men and pleased them. And it’s not, ” said the American Cosmopolitan .

The idea of choosing famous personalities was to explore the desires of women, since she knows that many of them have sexual fantasies with your favorite celebrities.

1. Justin Bieber in “Is It Too Late Now?”

justin bieber oral sex

2. Drake “Best I Ever Had”

drake oral sex

3. James Franco in “28 Hours”

james franco oral sex

4. Ryan Gosling in “Hey Girl”

ryan gosling oral sex

5. David Beckham in “Eat It Like Beckham”

david beckham oral sex

6. Leonardo DiCaprio in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”

leonardo dicaprio oral sex

7. Jon Hamm in “Breakfast Hamm”

jon hamm oral sex


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