Assistant Shares Kim Kardashian Never Seen Before Rare Nude Photos (Uncensored)


Kim Kardashian’s website has posted some photos of the beautiful hot.

kim kardashian never-before-seen

On the website of Kim Kardashian , her assistant – Stephanie Sheppard – has shared some behind the scenes pictures of the photo shoot in the desert a few months ago. In the newly published photos, the beautiful 36-year-old semi-nude and showing off the curves of her sensual camera.

Assistant Stephanie Sheppard said: “When taking this photo, I welcome Kim from her house and drove my little car takes about 2 hours to the desert to meet photographers Kesler Tran. Luckily, Kim did not let the paparazzi discovered and have a great photo shoot with Kesler. We were there all day. ”

Stephanie praised the professional work style and daring of Kim: “Kim took off the robe, completely naked under daylight and she looks great !!! I painted white-painted on her body and oiling. it is a task that many desire Convention !. the photoshoot really interesting and on the way home, too hungry so we stopped to eat fast food. I always remember that day because I saw Kim was the funny, cute and daring to what extent. ”

Kim took off the bathrobe and completely naked between sunlight. She looks amazing. I was whitewashed and oiling up her body, this is probably the dream job everyone (laughs). After that day, we were hungry and went to eat a burger. I will always remember this day for the joy and boldness of Kim “.

More naked photos from desert of Kim Kardashian

This photo shoot took place a few months ago. Currently, Kim looks like round 3 was smaller. This has also made several rumors arose that she had surgery miniature famous butt.

Even MediaTakeOut site also said that she took advantage of the time “in hiding” after the robbery earlier in October for miniature surgical table 3.

But is it true that? Anthony Youn plastic surgeons have opposite opinion pages Hollywood Life: “I think her butt is so small photos were edited or she has significantly reduced weight. A few years ago, Kim each shooting X-rays to prove non-surgical buttock padded pocket-book, so I do not think her appearance changes due to padded pocket butt off. looks like Kim had lost weight, and the weight was lifted off her butt than”.

Apart from the semi-nude on Kim, a girl the other Kardashian has also caught the attention of sexy photos – Kylie Jenner . The youngest has posted pictures of its underwear to advertise Pretty Little Thing.


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