Blac Chyna Shows Off Sexy Naked Selfie Before Pregnancy


Although Blac Chyna is a few weeks of giving birth to her second son. The first of its troubled relationship with Rob Kardashian.

blac chyna nude selfie

Right now the model and television star seems to be paying more attention to the changes that has experienced its figure in recent months that the impending challenges that will emerge from her second adventure in motherhood. As shown in her profile Instagram to hinting that now has set a target to recover the shape it used to look before you get pregnant.

“Very soon I’ll it be what it was” she wrote in her account of the social network to give meaning to an old image that appears posing naked and showing off the curves of infarction that have always defined its spectacular body.

The truth is that Blac Chyna will not have to face alone her mission to lose weight after giving birth. As Rob Kardashian also recently she admitted that, as soon as both receive their first child together. Focus much of its efforts on the need to get rid of those extra kilos that he has also won with stress and nerves associated with their debut parenthood.

Blac Chyna published nude sexy snap to motivate regain her curves

“Oh yes, we are back to the old ways … the baby will arrive in about four weeks and can no longer charge more with all this ‘weight’ of pregnancy. We already less, Chy [Chyna]. All will be well with our baby and then we can get rid of this. Chy looks like a bomb about to explode” he joked the brother of Kim Kardashian on the same platform to post a recent picture of the couple.

Given that Rob himself credited few months ago his fiancee as responsible for the loss of weight I had experienced before and emotional stability that has lately characterized it should not be too surprising that it now is Chyna who retake the reins of the ‘operation bikini’ to which both are submitted after the arrival of the baby.

“My goal is to win at least 45 kilos during pregnancy and after giving birth, to regain my figure before. A strict diet, training, weights and much purifying tea will be the key to return to be the same as always , ” she expressed the dummy People magazine.


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