Biodun Okeowo : Don’t Have Any Regret Leaving My Ex Husband


Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo reveals that she was so upset when she heard about her ex-husband going to marry again.

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She said she lose tears for his remarried, but that he paid an additional woman’s bride-to-be price, whilst her family members begged him to invest hers because they had been really collectively, but he turned down.

Debunking the rumor she was chased out as being a consequence of unfaithfulness, she talked about she by no means cheated her ex-companion for following.

Inside a speak to along with the Immediate sunlight mild, the mother of two, a son in addition to a younger woman, talked about she possessed recognized adore over again quickly following parting methods along with the daddy of her youngsters.

She stated she was but to wed to a another man, including that its likely to be quite unobtrusive, when she chooses to.

Biodun Okeowo was cried out after heard about her ex-husband remarried

“I’m not hitched. However when I actually do it will be really unobtrusive,” she stated.

“I’m seriously in love. However I haven’t strapped the knots but. But soon I’ll plus it will be really personal.”

The Yoruba actress additional that there is absolutely no regrets making her ex-spouse which she seems absolutely nothing for him anymore.

She stated, “I don’t be sorry for departing my ex. Actually, I don’t really feel anything for him any longer.”

“No discomfort with no regrets. He attempted to get us back again but I just couldn’t. The only working day time I observed bad and cried was the early morning I listened to he received remarried, which he actually paid out a person else new bride worth because of the fact within my circumstance, our children individuals happen to be pleading him to invest and therefore are available my very own.”

The producer said she seems out for guys with think in and be concerned of The lord, introducing that by which there is trust in, partnership hardly smashes.

She defined, “The man ought to be The lord stressing. Any partnership that has sincere think in and The lord will reside. The problem with actresses in addition to their companions is inadequate trust in.”

She talked about the rumor that her ex chased her from his home because of to an affair was a blatant lay, insisting that these types of aspect by no means ever occurred.

There was this tale I learn about myself individually that my ex chased me from his home because of to an affair.

I was shocked merely because this kind of thing by no means transpired. If this do, he wouldn’t have come again pleading to reconcile with me. Once I in no way cheated on my small ex for.

I could possibly be temperamental nevertheless I’m not much of the cheat. People sorts of artificial media break properties.


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